Full Summer

Hard to believe it's already August! Summer is already half over, and while I'm sad there's only a few more weeks until School starts back up again for Wren, I am so happy with how our Summer has gone this year. We have had more hot and sunny days than I can remember in the past few Summers, and most importantly we have filled these hot and sunny days with lots of adventures, friends and memories.

While it is hot and sometimes leads to restless sleeps, we don't have air conditioning. And we often leave all the windows open to let that hot sun shine in. I know, I know, we only have ourselves to blame if our house is hot. But like life, Summer is short and I want to soak it all in. 

The true dog days of Summer.

I'll be admiring the light these glorious sunny days throw around the house for the next week or two, then life is taking me on a new and exciting adventure. So the goal is to enjoy these peaceful, tranquil moments as much as possible. 

xoxo, Holly