The End (for now)

I'm about 9 months too late on this little note. The last post entered was September 20, 2017 and it's now the end of July 2018 so it's clear I've been neglecting this little corner of the internet. That's because while I've always adored this spot, the bread and butter of daily life has been full and wonderful this year. In the order of important things in my life, logging the amazing experiences and memories of the past year here just hasn't been a priority. I'll forever cherish the years and years of archives (going back all the way to 2008!) I've amassed. I'll cherish the friends, the opportunities and the visual record this blogging adventure has created. But blogs, specially good blogs, take energy, time and real dedication to maintain and I am lacking at least 1/3 out of those things these days. So I think it's time to take a pause.



This was the perfect place to celebrate the little slices of happiness in the chaos of being a mom to a young child and running my own business, but these days the little slices feel more like an entire cake. I am amazed and grateful every single day for the people in my life who have taught me to dream big and then go out and bring my dreams to life. If this blogging thing has taught me anything it's that there is no limit to what your words and vision can create. 

Maybe some day I will make a return to daily/weekly updates here, but in the near future my big dreams have me quite busy (Season 2 of Vacation Rental Potential is underway!!) and when I'm catching my breath it will be to enjoy that cake of happiness with my favourite people. Of course, you can still find me on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc, don't be shy, say hello from time to time!

THANK YOU for reading, commenting, sharing my posts here. The archives will remain up for any new faces who want to explore, and hopefully someday for Wren to cherish.

Stay cool, friends xoxo