Things that make me happy

It's been a while, a LONG while, since the last Things That Make Me Happy post! Thanks to the holiday spirit I've shopped a lot more than usual to attempt to finish our holiday shopping early, and to get the house jazzed up for the season. I'm still embracing 'less is more', but there are some really great things out there right now!

The first is my favourite new candle: Golden Afternoon from the new Random Acts of Pastel Shop. It has a very unique floral scent and perks me right up.

The little touch of glitter makes me smile every time I open the jar and light it up ;)

Of course these two always make me smile! But the Christmas tree getting set up has made them so happy. I constantly find them underneath it together, looking up at all the lights.

Pretty, piñata inspired ornaments from Canadian Tire ( you can find them here) are giving me life!!! I can hardly imagine packing these babies away once the holidays are over. 

This is the biggest contributor to my big smile this week: OUR NEW PINK CHRISTMAS TREE! I will show the full tree once we have it all decorated and set up, but for now here's a little sneaky peek (plus, I'm having way too much fun with the GIF maker today LOL).

Wren and I are planning on covering the tree with homemade paper snowflakes for the most part. We've had so much fun experimenting so far and sitting at the kitchen counter with the Christmas music blasting while we work on them. Every Christmas tree needs a personal touch after all.

These poppy holiday crackers have me excited to host get together! The colours are basically made for me.

Happy day Friends!

xoxo Holly

Things that Make Me Happy!

It's been a minute since we did a Things That Make Me Happy post. I think it's because I've been in purge-overdrive for the past year and Things have started to feel like a weight to me. Like, I still love to shop till I drop, but the result of that has me feeling weighed down and burdened. What prompted the whole purge mind set was that we've been playing with the idea of moving for the past year. We may, we may not and with us being away in New Orleans on and off the past year it's opened us to the possibility we may have to make a full move there (or we may not!) at some point and if we can minimize the work involved in getting to that point by letting go of non-essentials, well, we would be making life infinitely easier. 

Even if we don't make any sort of move, the purge has been life changing, and I'm in no rush to clutter up life and the house again. BUT I'm still human, and when something cool or cute catches my eye it occasionally comes home with me. 

Here are the things making me happy lately:

House of Marley Speaker. Ok, this is the cutest and best thing I've gotten in a while. I've talked before about how music is pretty much always on in our house, and a big part of our daily life, and this makes it so easy and portable to bring music to any spot. Wren loves connecting the bluetooth to her iPad and rocking to her own creations she makes in Garage Band (our Christmas gift to family this year was a CD Wren and I made of our own music LOL, it's super funny and entertaining, trust me!). In the spirit of April being Earth Month, I adore that House of Marley is an eco-minded manufacturer. If we are bringing new things into the house it's important to me they are quality things that are in line with our new mantra of making do with less. 

Katye Landry Jewellery. The perfect minimalist pieces are pretty much the only type of jewellery I rock, and Katye's designs the definition of that. Plus, I love that she's a fellow Canadian girl! I'm bringing a few of her creations to New Orleans with me in a couple weeks, because in that crazy heat I have only a handful of simple outfits planned (the less clothing the better in my experience LOL) and these pieces will add a little interest without feeling heavy. 

This necklace is gonna get a ton of wear with the rompers I have lined up.

 this stacking ring is pretty much my favourite thing right now, it looks so good with more rings, but also is interesting and beautiful on it's own.

The sunny mornings are making me unreasonably happy this time of year! I'm just trying to enjoy and savour these days because I know we are about to jump into a busy, hot and humid Summer. A good coffee in a clean kitchen is at the top of my favourite things, ever. Did I mention I'm bringing our expresso machine with us to New Orleans this time? LOL I just felt lost without it last year. I can get by with 2 pairs of shoes, but without my Breville I'm hopeless.

This is easily the thing that has made me the happiest lately! My beautiful friends, Ben and Erin, of Home Town on HGTV stopped by the house we did for Big Easy Reno to take a picture!!!! How humbling and sweet of them to stop by and send me this amazing moment. Aren't they the most attractive couple ever? Yeah, I'm approaching stalker territory with my love for them, but they really are the greatest. 

And my final purchase of late is this one piece bathing suit you may have seen me post on IG. It's from Forever21 and when I saw the colours I was like 'I LOVE IT! but am I ready to do a 1 piece again?' it's been about 20 years since I had my last once piece, but this one won me over. Between a trip to Ship Island, and our time at the cabin I decided to try and get my bathing suit collection up to at least 3 so I don't have to wear a cold wet suit. Seriously, that is one of the worst feelings and I did it too much last Summer.

The last instalment in today's post is an appearance by our old friend, Dusty Doodle. Wren hand't seen him all Winter and he made his first appearance of the season last weekend when his lovely owner dropped him off to say Hello! Wren has always been infatuated with this sweet little man and could play with him all day. Unfortunately he isn't a fan of all our other furry family members (no surprise there).

Hope you are having a happy week! xoxo

Things that Make Me Happy

The first thing making me happy right now is this feature Apartment Therapy did on Wren's room. The lovely Lauren Hufnagl has always been wonderful to me and when she asked to share Wren's room last fall I was so excited. It looks like our little interview is up now and I want to thank everyone for their sweet comments. Thanks Lauren!
This prayer candle stole my heart, literally. It is unscented like all prayer candles, but even so I adore it. I light candles daily around our house and every time I light this baby up it reminds me to show a little extra love to others in my busy day (you can find it, and others here)
My sister and I did a shopping afternoon which usually comprises a whole lot of trying on and a small amount of buying but when we found this dress on sale at Anthro for $39 we had troubles deciding who would get it because there was only one. In the end she said she felt too 'Angelina Jolie' in it (???) but I think it will be my go-to dress this spring, pairing it with a denim jacket or leather moto jacket. 
And last, but definitely not least! this beautiful blanket from Hudson's Bay from my sister in law Kate (you may remember the makeover we gave her condo last year which you can see here). She surprised me with it a couple weeks ago and I smile every time I walk past it and cuddle up with it. Seriously, I won the sister in law lottery guys!! Thank you Kate, you know me so well.