Things that make me happy

It's been a while, a LONG while, since the last Things That Make Me Happy post! Thanks to the holiday spirit I've shopped a lot more than usual to attempt to finish our holiday shopping early, and to get the house jazzed up for the season. I'm still embracing 'less is more', but there are some really great things out there right now!

The first is my favourite new candle: Golden Afternoon from the new Random Acts of Pastel Shop. It has a very unique floral scent and perks me right up.

The little touch of glitter makes me smile every time I open the jar and light it up ;)

Of course these two always make me smile! But the Christmas tree getting set up has made them so happy. I constantly find them underneath it together, looking up at all the lights.

Pretty, piñata inspired ornaments from Canadian Tire ( you can find them here) are giving me life!!! I can hardly imagine packing these babies away once the holidays are over. 

This is the biggest contributor to my big smile this week: OUR NEW PINK CHRISTMAS TREE! I will show the full tree once we have it all decorated and set up, but for now here's a little sneaky peek (plus, I'm having way too much fun with the GIF maker today LOL).

Wren and I are planning on covering the tree with homemade paper snowflakes for the most part. We've had so much fun experimenting so far and sitting at the kitchen counter with the Christmas music blasting while we work on them. Every Christmas tree needs a personal touch after all.

These poppy holiday crackers have me excited to host get together! The colours are basically made for me.

Happy day Friends!

xoxo Holly

Tropical Holiday: Candle of the Month

I am one of those people who are not a fan of early holiday decorating...
BUT I am on board with early shopping so that I can avoid the crowds. And if I can steer clear of the mall all together at holiday time I am totally down with that. But that means shopping early so that everything makes it to me in time to wrap and keep safe under the tree till the big day.
The start of November is when I try to tackle my list online and get it done, so I've been checking out my options and decided to play it safe and order multiples of a few of my favourite things as stocking stuffers for my favourite people. I totally sound like the less exciting, and much lower budget Oprah LOL.
A long time favourite item is my trusty Rosie Jane candles, so I was thrilled to hear she did a holiday set this year!
A tropical holiday set with little hand sketched pineapples on the glasses, and the cutest box that shows why pineapples are a sign of good hospitality.
So, sorry for the spoilers people I am giving these to! I just can't keep a good secret.
(and I, of course, gifted myself a set for good measure like any good elf would)

February Candle of the Month

I have been meaning to try this months candle for a little while now. It is by Feest, a Vancouver based company which makes my Canadian pride alarm sound off! Their candles have an understated elegance and simplicity, every scent is pure white wax in a simple german canning jar.

 photo IMG_9683_zps306d199a.jpg 

I bought mine locally at Plum Home + Design, but they are also online at Bespoke
The scents are all very sophisticated and unique, but not over powering or fake smelling. I chose the Soothing scent, which is a blend of tahitian vanilla, bergamot and Japanese peppermint. 

 photo IMG_9692_zps9ea56bdb.jpg 

I love that each and every candle is hand poured. Candles are such a joy for me, and supporting a business that does things the 'old fashioned' way just make me enjoy this one a little more. 
 photo IMG_9684_zpsbe0b996a.jpg 

 photo IMG_9691_zps17e3bf41.jpg

I plan to put the jar to work for me as a vase as soon as this candle runs out, but I sure hope that isn't too soon.