Pretend Summer

Last week was super busy, but so so so fun! We found out in mid-october that Style at Home would be coming out to the cabin for a photo shoot for next Summer's cabin issue! It was PERFECT timing, all the snow we had managed to melt and we even had sun for most of the day. By the very next morning it was snowing LOL. 

My mom and I worked our tails off to convert a bunch of old slides to digital for a gallery wall we have been wanting to do on the upstairs 'widows walk'. The cabin originally belonged to my great grandparents and 4 generations have now enjoyed summers and winters here so we wanted the gallery wall to show the sentimental side of the family connection to this spot. I'll try and share a little more about the process we used to get all our old slides on digital (thanks to a nifty camera lens attachment!) in a future post. 

Mr. Bean attacking my mom with kisses LOL

Mr. Bean attacking my mom with kisses LOL

Our fabulous photographer, Barry Calhoun, let me really go to town with my styling ideas. Of course, my sweet tooth dictated that a lemon meringue pie make an appearance (did you know pies are $3 at Walmart????) spiffed up a bit with some store bought raspberries just laid around the crust. $5 and it looks like a pretty fancy piece of baking I could never hope to make on my own. 

We're excited to hang a new, Winter themed piece of art over the buffet for the coming colder months, but the lovely swimming ladies had their moment in the spot light for the shoot.

I can't wait to see how everything looks through Barry's lens when it's all on paper, I am just so thrilled with how well the day went. 

Cheers to shooting the Summer in an early Alberta Winter.

Wishing you a Happy Holidays

We have been cozied up, home bound for the holidays! It is frigid out here at the cabin and we are just enjoying each other and our family while baking, playing games and singing silly songs. It sounds super cheesy, but it has been a truly amazing Christmas and to spend it with so many special people has made it even better.

We attempted our first ever batch of home made marshmallows for a bonfire we are having at the cabin. The first batch reinforced my lack of confidence in the kitchen when it basically turned into gum, but the second batch is a success and we had so much fun making them.

We added peppermint extract and a little red food colouring for a twist in our hot chocolate.

We are about to go out to light the fire, but we'll see how long we last out here in these arctic temperatures!! 

Sending you all happy holiday wishes and a safe and special New Year, from our family to yours!

Time Out


We took a time out this weekend to head to the cabin. My Grandmother was in town visiting from Vancouver so we took the opportunity to pause all the activity around the house that usually consumes our weekends lately. Right now is the most beautiful time of year at the lake. The water reflects beautifully and the morning sun causes some steam to come off the water which makes it seem somewhat mystical. The last remnants of Summer are fading fast.


[ early morning ]



[ late afternoon ]


Our projects around the house are in full swing, and just because you've all be soooo patient with my lack of reno posts I thought I would do the unthinkable and share our secret shame bathroom. We have gutted it and are getting read to paint and tile, I can't wait to show you the game plan next week in a little summary post. But in the meantime, can you believe I've managed to live with this hideous space for over 7 years??? Ugh, it's so embarrassing LOL

IMG_1220 IMG_1221 IMG_1222

Hard at work! (my cameraman, Sean, needs a few pointers behind the lens)