Puppies and Petal

The trees in the backyard are blooming like crazy with all the warm weather we've had this Spring. I love flowering trees because you don't need any gardening skill or talent to reap an abundance of clippings! So I thought I'd just share a few pretty snaps I've taken around the house from the past week.

You probably think it's all quiet sleeping dogs around here after this post, but I PROMISE it's actually really loud and crazy pretty much all the time LOL. 


It's cold here. Like COLD cold. So we have stayed home bound, and I'm pulling out all my tricks for pretending it's not cold. 

I'm pretty impressed with myself, I've been feeding my hyacinths well and it looks like I'm gonna get a second bloom out of my bulbs! So I did a little potting and trimmed them back.

The floral department at the grocery store has had a good selection of bulbs this year and they are well priced, but I like to see my bulbs more so I always get rid of a ton of dirt and clean them up when I re-pot them.

You'd never guess that it is cold enough to freeze your hair solid outside from the sunny comfort of inside!

Happy Monday Friends, stay warm!