8 it is.

We had a little family gathering this weekend to celebrate our Wrennie's 8th birthday! We've started doing her school friend party in January when it's easier to organize with people's schedules and also WAY easier to book a venue (places like bowling alleys and such are so booked up with office and holiday parties I'd need to plan this thing in June to get a spot). But we always do a little get together with our families and closest friends to celebrate the occasion.

There wasn't a theme, just our birthday girl's favourite colours and things (pink and purple, and balloons and candy respectively). Wren LOVES to bake, so half the fun of her party was that we made the cake at home together. We baked the three layers of boxed funfetti cake on Saturday and got the cake all covered in icing, then on Sunday we topped it off with a few treats in pretty colours.

Wren did most of the decorating with the candy herself, and insists we recreate the cake for all her future birthdays. She says it was her favourite thing about her party this year! Amazing how $15 in boxed cake and candy can mean the world at 8 years old, I guess the best things DON'T come from a store as our friend the Grinch likes to say.

The Birthday Girl and her balloon bouquet!

Recreating UP!, Wren style.

The day was filled with laugher, family, friends, and lots of memories I hope she will cherish forever. I can hardly believe it's been 8 years already...

Wishing you a Happy Holidays

We have been cozied up, home bound for the holidays! It is frigid out here at the cabin and we are just enjoying each other and our family while baking, playing games and singing silly songs. It sounds super cheesy, but it has been a truly amazing Christmas and to spend it with so many special people has made it even better.

We attempted our first ever batch of home made marshmallows for a bonfire we are having at the cabin. The first batch reinforced my lack of confidence in the kitchen when it basically turned into gum, but the second batch is a success and we had so much fun making them.

We added peppermint extract and a little red food colouring for a twist in our hot chocolate.

We are about to go out to light the fire, but we'll see how long we last out here in these arctic temperatures!! 

Sending you all happy holiday wishes and a safe and special New Year, from our family to yours!