Hanging on

I gave the family room a little light refresh a couple weeks ago, not really by choice.

There's not much difference between how it looked before (as seen below in this pic from back in the Winter). But when Wren was closing the curtains to watch TV one particularly sunny morning one of the curtain rods came crashing down!! It literally ripped the anchors and brackets out of the wall LOL. So I decided that was the perfect time to switch up the curtain rods to these Sannolikt rods from Ikea that I fell in love with in New Orleans when we used them in our first episode of Big Easy Reno! Of course, I had to fill and patch the holes from the old rods and then paint the patch jobs. But it turned into a painting of the whole living room/kitchen since the patches were too obvious. We kept it the same since I still love this grey, but it just looks fresh and clean, especially in the kitchen where we've had the occasional splatter that stained the wall near the stove. It was a lot of work considering it wasn't all that dramatic, but really, it makes me so happy to see everything look fresh and bright again!

How cute/cool are these? You secure them to each other using elastics! Oh yeah, and they're only $12.99 (for some reason they were only $5.99 at my local IKEA).

It's not a super dramatic reveal, but it makes me oh so happy, specially how perfectly these rods tie in with my Normann Copenhagen block cart. Design isn't always a quick process, I actually enjoy the slow evolution of our home.

Happy Tuesday, Friend.

Back to Before.. kind of

All the holiday decor has been tucked safely away until next year, and I am just about done putting things right again. Or at least, as right as they can be until I bring home a good chunk of our furniture from our Quesnell flip. But I kind of love being short of furniture because it forces me to get creative with things around the house we already have, because you know I can't just leave things well enough alone and be patient until we get it back!

While the chair in the corner is out of the house I brought in two old crates I got from my Mom years ago to use as firewood storage. We use our fireplace a ton in the winter and it I figured it might as well be cute so a little sidewalk chalk cheers up the wood in between fires.

I do have a bit of paint touch ups, as well as the underside of our risers to get finished in the foyer, and while our usual front door console is away as well I brought up this folding desk I got at Target last year on clearance for $15 (it was black, but I gave it some spray paint love last year), to at least make the front entrance feel welcome and get my favourite art pieces off the floor. But I am already feeling a spurt of reno-energy now that the christmas stuff is away so I'm gonna get it all finished once we are back in schedule-mode with school.

Some of my Birthday flowers from my Dad, still going strong!

The emptiest room, the living room, is actually starting to feel pretty good with all the open space. I don't know if I'm ready to bring the sofa home, I think it may feel cluttered with it now! It's funny how fast you get used to living with less and opening things up. My sister got me the baby blue faux fur throw pillow for Christmas and it is pretty much my new favourite thing (you may remember seeing it in my gift guide before the holidays!).

But of course, I get things back to normal only to have someone else put their spin on how it should look LOL. All this open space has led to a record number of fort building sessions, which is one of the biggest bonuses of embracing the less is more mindset!