inspired 9.0

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I am in that mid-winter moment where the excitement and activity of the warmer months seems a lifetime away. These are the moments when I focus on perfecting what we have, cleaning, organizing, sorting, instead of changing up too much. There is a really soothing quality about doing these little tweaks in the quiet winter months. Simplicity seems to be the driving force in our home, despite all the excitement and activity on my professional front. These images seem to sum it all up in a rather pretty way. 

And speaking of professional front, if you are in New Orleans PLEASE come by and say hello to me at the NOLA Home Show Friday through Sunday of this week! I will be presenting all three days on achieving a designer home on a tight budget, and focusing on creativity and tapping into your inner DIY diva.

You can also use promo code: BAKER for $3 off admission!!

ciao bellas!


Inspired 7.0

I'm starting to feel like I'm in a Summer state of mind. It's been hot and sunny, the two things to trigger those feelings of endless days and carefree evenings, the scents of cut grass and fresh flowers.

Summer always brings out a yearning for pops of colour in me. But you know me well enough to know that by pops of colour I usually mean hues of pink and a few other lightly tinted tones added to the mix. Here are a few pins that summarize my Summer vibes today.

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