It's all Hygge baby.

Though there are many ways to describe hygge, we see it simply as the Danish ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures. Friends. Family. Graciousness.

What a great word. It seems common sense and all, but I love that one word encompasses all this! It's basically all the good stuff in life. For me, candles are one of life's biggest pleasures, and come cool weather I rely on them more than ever to keep my spirits up.

So I've been putting them around the house where ever I happen to be spending time as the days have been getting shorter. It's like putting a smile on a room for me as I light them up.

We've also had some really great quality time with friends and family in the last few weeks. Lots of laughter and little feet running around, lots of good meals around the table after busy days. 

As we come nearer to the holiday season it's important to have these little moments of peace and contentment.

Do you have a trick to keeping your spirits up all Winter, or a take on Hygge? I'm totally in love with this concept.


This year I am aiming to document a little more of our day to day lives. The raw, real moments that make up who I am. It is always nice to look back on posts like this later on, but my main goal is to also share with you more of who I am. I know we've been chatting together for over 4 years now, but I also know that I tend to keep a lot private. Not because I don't want to share, mainly because it seems pretty mundane. But I also think there is a beauty in day to day moments.

Instead of writing out lengthy, novel-length posts about what makes me tick I feel like a handful of snap shots every few weeks will speak a million words more than I could ever muster. And hopefully you will feel like you 'know' us a little better. In case I haven't mentioned it before, I am actually not much a of writer. So this is my way of 'journaling'.

[watching a light dusting of snow fall while I do dishes]
 photo IMG_9527_zps62ee6eb6.jpg

[a mid morning snack on the weekend, and mis-buttoned jammies]
 photo IMG_9483_zpsfaaf195e.jpg 

[Sean's latest project. He plays with cars like I play with houses]
 photo IMG_9513_zpsc50810ae.jpg 

[I suspect he will be out here a lot for the next few weeks]
 photo IMG_9501_zpsb6cf4d4d.jpg 

[ lazy day! sometimes our bed feels cozier unmade]
 photo IMG_9516_zps2ef17ec9.jpg 

[I got a little out of control with the milk frother when I refilled my cup one afternoon]
 photo IMG_9534_zps5098d56d.jpg 

[Wren got us dancing up a storm in the living room while she shined her flashlight on the disco ball]
 photo IMG_9493sean_zps6afafe0e.jpg

[Saturday morning cartoons!]
 photo IMG_9475_zpsca01d68c.jpg