Friday Potpourri

Summer and candles don't always seem like a perfect combo, but I actually kind of think they are. I'll admit that I'm the first person looking for an excuse to light a candle, but honestly, I think Summer is my second favourite candle season (Winter is first, obviously!). But my reasoning isn't that I enjoy lighting candles in the Summer...

It's that I've noticed a good candle is extra fragrant in the Summer. Usually, without even being lit I can smell my favourite candles on a warm afternoon! So the fact that I get to enjoy my latest scent obsession twice really (unlit, and again when I light it up) is my reasoning for loving candles, even in the Summer. 

In other master bedroom news, I picked up a second fiddle leaf fig a month or so back at Home Depot. Did you know they are only $16.99 there???!!! It's basically been the only plant I cannot kill, so I though adding one to this little corner in the bedroom would be the perfect hit of color, texture and height.

I plopped it into a favourite woven Ikea basket/bag I had laying around, adding the perfect amount of drama while still feeling calming and simple like the rest of the room. 

The candle I'm currently burning and obsessing over it this Wild Herb and Patchouli candle from Makers of Wax Goods. I know patchouli isn't for everyone, but I honestly can't smell it. The aroma is more of a perfect cologne/musk while still smelling natural. 

This particular afternoon this week was dull and rainy and the perfect excuse to light up a candle and curl up with a good book. An afternoon like that is so lovely mixed in with a string of hot, sunny, pool side days.

Happy Weekend, Friend!

xoxo Holly

Things that make me HAPPY

Well, the holidays obviously make it an extra happy time of year! But a couple little touches are adding even more cheer to our VERY short days. 

The first being fresh flowers. A few people have given me birthday arrangements, even though the big day isn't until tomorrow (I'll officially be 33! EEek!). I love breaking up the arrangements in to little groupings around the house and the bedside is my favourite spot.

These little stickers I designed and ordered through are probably my favourite little touch to our gifts this year. They are perfect for sealing shut the little paper bags I've been using like crazy!

Our pink christmas is still putting a wide smile on my face! Wren's grandma gave her a pink Santa hat and it's been getting a bunch of milage, specially at bedtime for some reason LOL.

I don't usually do too much redecorating this time of year because it's already a busy time and things are shuffled for holiday decor, but I couldn't resist shaking up the kitchen sitting area a little when these little stools from Serena and Lily showed up last week.

Mr. Model Dog making it hard to get a clear shot (you will see his modelling skills in full force next summer in our Style at Home cabin feature, he brought his A game!)

They might be small, but they are so sturdy and solid, these babies are perfect for so many spots. I'm sure you'll see them migrate all over the house.

So, I guess this is officially my last post as a 32 year old! Not sure if I'm happy or sad about that, maybe a little of both, but either way I'm REALLY happy to be spending my big day tomorrow helping at Wren's school and having dinner with my family, including my Grandma who flew in from Vancouver which is a huge treat. If I don't have a chance to post again before the holidays, have yourself a safe and merry holidays!

Friday and the Master Make-Under

It's been a while since I've shared a Friday post, usually a simple little phrase or positive note and a couple pics from our week to kick the weekend off. The new year has brought me little bursts of chaos and then a few days of peace and quiet, and I'm kind of getting used to it and taking a moment to whip up a few blog posts in the down time now that it's somewhat of a routine (just watch, now that I've said it I bet this routine will fall apart LOL). 

This quote spoke to me this week, particularly when it comes to design/decor.

When you enjoy decorating, things are always in progress. No space is completely done, no space is ever done evolving. That's both good and bad. Good because we keep learning, and improving and evolving our styles. It's bad because decorating ain't cheap, yo! And there are also many moments where it would be nice to just be 'done'. Then something cute comes along and we're switching it all up again for the millionth time! I actually think this part might not be that bad, so long as you are switching around things you already have and not starting all from scratch or buying an insane amount of new stuff. 

These ramblings coming to you courtesy of the couple instagram comments I had this week about my ever changing style and what prompted that shift. The shift was not overnight, but rather a slow current that has been changing the course of my personal-style river. Does that even make sense to anyone but me? 

But regardless of my personal style journey the craving for simplicity and pared-back living has been a strong theme for us for a while now and so the blessing this has is that shifting the decor in our house has actually been really cheap, just a lot of work when it comes to editing out and purging! We did this little make-under for around $100.

$60 of that $100 was spent on this little side table I bought with a gift card at HomeSense. We made the switch to storage free nightstands a few years ago and while it was a hard adjustment it made the biggest difference in eliminating the ever mounting pile of day to day debris in here. Coins, receipts, sticky notes, all the stuff you pull out of your pockets at the end of the day, all of that had to get tossed or sorted out once we eliminated the option of hiding it. But the desk I had previously been using was too tall once we got rid of the bed frame, and I loved the round top of this one so we made the switcheroo.

Our friends, Tom and Alexis, know us so well and gave us the beautiful mountain print for Christmas.

Over on this side of the bed was where we spent the other $40, on a new $30 lamp (also from HomeSense) and an edison bulb which was about $7. The Christmas tree is also bunking up with us for a couple months until I can get it planted outside. This is such a sunny corner so I figured he would be happy here.

The lamp was a sale find for $6.99 from Target a couple years ago (I'm still mourning the closure of our Target), and while not an essential, it's become a tradition to always have a candle in our room. I just love burning a candle while I read at the end of the day, it smells heavenly and just mellows me out before bed. Small luxuries are what make my day sometimes and candles are at the top of my list of little luxuries. 

I treated myself to a couple of these coconut milk mango candles last week when I redeemed my Indigo points so they ended up being free!

It has been a fun exercise in simplifying back to the bare essentials and the amazing part is not only how much more we enjoy being in here, but how much more time we have been spending in here. 

I hope you all have a simply wonderful weekend, and find some time to be a nobler version of your previous self.