When it gets cold I try and stretch how often I wash my hair. It is dry here and cool so I figure it's good for my hair to not get so stripped every few days, but that usually means letting my scalp get used to the new routine for a month or two and it is during these weeks that I thank goodness my collection of beanies and toques is decent and I am a somewhat decent braider LOL.

I am starting to get really nervous with an upcoming date I have in December and this little motto is pretty much what my life has been for the past year or so.


Always keep a little of your incredible-ness inside, for yourself. It seems to breed a type of inner confidence that radiates from within. From time to time people catch a true glimpse of it and you will be thankful that you kept it safe and strong for when you really need it.

Here's a little trick for your braids: add a little bling. I use hoop earrings since they look like they are woven into the braid but really are just attached after the fact. Tricky, tricky!!


Have a secretly incredible weekend, friend!



I hope you make some happiness this weekend! And if you are north of the border Happy Thanksgiving!!!!