Headboard Subtraction

If you've followed me on Pinterest for any amount of time you may have noticed an impressive amount of pins of bedrooms without headboards. I actually didn't notice the common thread to many of the bedrooms I'd been pinning away, until this Fall but it was a big Ah-Ha moment when I made sense of the many styles and coloured rooms I'd fallen in love with!

It kind of felt a little like back tracking, almost dorm-room like at first, so I put it off but with the new year I thought it was time to give it a try! Our progress toward an much simpler existence thanks to more open spaces, less clutter has been ongoing now for over a year so it wasn't too scary to pull out the last odds and ends and fully embrace a pared back bedroom. I may add a little art still, and I will show you the other side of the bed and room this week still, but we are already feeling so much more relaxed in here. The lack of visual clutter is amazing to get in that bed time mind set.

And because a little eye candy goes a long way on a Monday, here are some of the beauties that helped us decide to take the leap to be be-heading our bed frame.

via SF Girl By Bay


Hazy Days

Our hot, dry Summer took a turn this past week when we had a refreshing hit of seasonal temperatures as well as much needed rain. I don't know if there is a much cosier feeling than curling up with a good book on a rainy afternoon.

This is where you'll find me enjoying the best summer storms.