September Candle of the Month

Yup, it's been a minute since I last said hello! Life is busy and wonderful and full and I will be able to share what myself and a dream team of people have been working on very soon! It involves a lot of travelling, and so while I've been back home the past couple weeks I've been gearing up for the very LONGGG Fall and Winter season here. Which means: Candle Season. 

I know it's very trendy to go Hygge these days, but there is something magical and amazing about lighting a candle on a cold afternoon. So I've been stocking up! I've grabbed a wide variety to try as I see ones that excite me, but this is by far my favourite:


I picked up this cutie at Little Brick locally but you can find them online directly from Salt Water Tea right here.


The Lavender scent is fresh and lovely, and the good vibes aren't just in watching it glow! There is a natural crystal in every candle to up the good vibes it gives off and to cherish once you are all done with the candle. I also love that is a local Alberta made product, supporting cool makers around us makes me even happier as I enjoy it this Fall. 


I'm slightly sad Summer is over, but I couldn't be happier about candle season kicking off. Hope you are gearing up for a good candle season in your home as well!


Things that make me happy

It's been a while since an instalment of Things That Make Me Happy!! Only a couple of the items were purchases on a whim for the house, most of them are on the more useful side and generally in line with my mission to de-clutter, reorganize and buy quality over quantity. 

I might as well start with the items that came home just because I liked them (and the price tags definitely swayed me from "do I really need that?" over to "how can I leave that?").

The first is the generally adorable little handmade pot I found for $1 at the thrift store while looking for a couple things for my Mom and Dad's house I've been decorating.

I love the imperfect glaze job and bit of speckling


My second unnecessary purchase is this blue pillow I fell in love with. I see these everywhere, they're obviously huge right now, but I just couldn't bring myself to buy one that was real wool since they are usually $$$ (faux options are usually much more reasonable though). I spotted it while sourcing clothes for an upcoming job I've taken (more on that soon!) and it was laying at the bottom of a clearance bin at Winners for $18 and that was the start of our love story. 

It's insanely soft, the perfect blue and a killer deal. What's not to love?

Some of the things that make me happiest are about to follow. Why? I LOVE a clean house and good AND pretty cleaning products. Dare I say I actually enjoy cleaning when it involves natural products that leave the house looking sparkly and smelling fresh? I've been a long time fan of Common Good & Co., but you can't just grab them at the store here so I stock up semi annually.

You may have seen this little bowl on my instagram, as it's been hanging around the house for a month or two already, but I am obsessed. It's not that big, but just perfect for a bag of cherries or a handful or apples or peaches. 

It's a cute little statement piece that puts a smile on my face overtime I come into the kitchen.

Speaking of also making me happy in the kitchen... my new dutch oven is pretty much the crown jewel of the whole room. I've wanted one for AGES and this pretty pink beauty makes the most amazing dishes. I love doing single pot meals and this one cooks so evenly. The best part is how easily it cleans up! I was shocked at how easily it wipes clean.

Finally, a couple new organizers for the laundry room I found at Ikea recently:

These coated canvas bags with little leather straps are not only cute but super functional. We have hooks all along two of the walls in here so I have a couple hanging there as well to collect things like random mittens and hats. Between their good looks and ideal size they are basically the perfect organizer. 

Thanks for tuning in to this instalment of Things That Make Me Happy, feel free to share what's making you smile in the comments! I'm always looking for new and fun products, specially in the cleaning/organizing area.

Friday Potpourri

Summer and candles don't always seem like a perfect combo, but I actually kind of think they are. I'll admit that I'm the first person looking for an excuse to light a candle, but honestly, I think Summer is my second favourite candle season (Winter is first, obviously!). But my reasoning isn't that I enjoy lighting candles in the Summer...

It's that I've noticed a good candle is extra fragrant in the Summer. Usually, without even being lit I can smell my favourite candles on a warm afternoon! So the fact that I get to enjoy my latest scent obsession twice really (unlit, and again when I light it up) is my reasoning for loving candles, even in the Summer. 

In other master bedroom news, I picked up a second fiddle leaf fig a month or so back at Home Depot. Did you know they are only $16.99 there???!!! It's basically been the only plant I cannot kill, so I though adding one to this little corner in the bedroom would be the perfect hit of color, texture and height.

I plopped it into a favourite woven Ikea basket/bag I had laying around, adding the perfect amount of drama while still feeling calming and simple like the rest of the room. 

The candle I'm currently burning and obsessing over it this Wild Herb and Patchouli candle from Makers of Wax Goods. I know patchouli isn't for everyone, but I honestly can't smell it. The aroma is more of a perfect cologne/musk while still smelling natural. 

This particular afternoon this week was dull and rainy and the perfect excuse to light up a candle and curl up with a good book. An afternoon like that is so lovely mixed in with a string of hot, sunny, pool side days.

Happy Weekend, Friend!

xoxo Holly