I was saddened to learn that one of my favorite places to treasure hunt, my local antique mall, is closing it's doors! I still have until December to enjoy a few more Saturday afternoons wandering around looking through all the wonderful goodies. The only silver lining to this cloud is that there will be even better deals to be had until then, as evidenced by the reader board outside their warehouse that reads: "EVERYTHING MUST GO!". My Mom, Aunt and I decided to make it a girls day out and will be stopping in tomorrow after we browse a local bead makers bazaar that we were planning to check out. Here is my list of things I will definitely be on the hunt for:

1. Antique Christmas Ornaments:
I LOVE antique Christmas ornaments, and I have been collecting them for the last 3 years. I only collect the HOT pink, teal, baby blue and silver ones but I will definitely be loading up on as many as I can find.

2. Bevelled Mirrors:
I love the look of vintage bevelled mirrors, particularly when they are grouped together on a wall or over a mantle. The more unique the shape, the better!

3. Unique Pieces of Large Furniture:
It doesn't matter if there are a few dents or scratches because we will just be painting it anyhow! The key to these finds is price, the lower the better!

It is times like this that I am thankful my husband went against my better judgement and bought a pick up truck last year.