Lucky little Wren!

Today my Mom hosted a Valentines open house for all our friends and family to meet Wren. It was so wonderful and my Mom did an awesome job with all the food and decor! It was very exciting because Wren got to wear her first dress (which was still a little big, and she wore a shirt and pants under it to keep warm). I told everyone that we do not need anything, we just want to introduce her to everyone, but sure enough we were bombarded by hoards of gifts. The best part was that they were all very thoughtful and heartfelt gifts, which are always the best kind! My favorite part of the day was getting pictures of her with her Great Grandma, who I call the Baby Whisperer. In this shot Wren is being held by her Great Grandma, and her Grandpa is on the far left and her Grandma is on the far right (both in black).
Looks like Wren already has an Easter outfit thanks to her Great Aunt Colleen!

This little guy was freakin adorable!!! His name is Ratos and I am now obsessed with the Deglingos line of stuffed animals, they are hilarious looking (
By the end of the day someone was ready for a nap on her Great Aunt Vicky's shoulder!