So much going on

Today Wren is officially 2 months old!
And she is definitely our child! After only 9 weeks of life she has witnessed a full bathroom renovation, the flooring on the landing being installed, the living room and dining room finished, and the beginning of the family room reno.

I am going to start re-tiling around the fireplace tomorrow and then we will install the floors. Even though we are not done the family room (hopefully be next week) I have not been able to resist picking up some great pieces! I have had my eyes on these Shabby Chic poufs for quite some time, envisioning how fun and perfect they would look in a well loved family room, and after seeing them in Kelly Wearstler's sons room I knew I needed a couple.
While browsing HomeGoods a couple days ago I just happened to stumble across a beautiful set of silver poufs on clearance for only $80 each!! I had already decided to do the family room in whites (of course!) and various shades of grey and silver so I could hardly believe my luck. Now we are on a mission for the perfect white sectional...