Oh what a week it's been...

So it has been one of those weeks.

What is this?

That is one of our skylights at noon. It is completely covered in snow because 3 days this week we woke up to this:

Cold, wet, did I mention Cold?, winter weather.
Because of this second blast of winter the roads have been a complete disaster and sure enough, Sean was rear ended on his way home on Thursday. I feel really bad for the poor lady who hit him because the 6 inch scratch she left on our rear bumper is going to cost $2,000 to fix. And that's why you avoid hitting european cars at all costs!
We were also frustrated to discover water streaming down into our family room when we drained our master ensuite jacuzzi. Once we had the drywall ripped down we discovered the culprit: A nail through the pipe! Yeah, it has been there for over 20 years but just decided to start causing trouble this week. Thankfully it was an easy fix and Sean had it back up and working within an hour. But we are now going to have to re-drywall that whole area because it looks like this:

The culprit:

But because we like to be positive over here at The Fun Lane, we have to share some things that made our week awesome.

#1. I found the cutest coat ever at Forever21 last Saturday, and it was on clearance for $21!
#2. Wren's BabyLegs finally stay up on their own:
#3. I found a great new nail color at the drug store (Sally Hansen Strawberry Creme) and when the cashier rang it up it was only $2!

#4. Wren has decided that it is hilarious to wake up in the morning! Everyday she laughs a little bit more after first opening her eyes.

#5. Well, I don't really have another reason, but who could have a bad day with this face around?

I hope your week wasn't as dramatic!