As I mentioned earlier, Wren and I hit up one of our favorite stores yesterday: Chintz & Co.

We made the trip to look for some powder room accessories as well as upholstery fabric for our upcoming chair makeovers, but I ended up browsing through the linens as well. I have been on the hunt for nice down filled euro shams for a few weeks now so I was excited to spy these GIANT, 36 inch pillows!!! I have never seen such huge pillows before, so I had to have them. When the sales lady rang them in we were even more delighted to discover that they were clearance priced at $32, a savings of $70 per pillow!

They are the absolute fluffiest, comfiest pillows. And as some one who loves to read in bed every night I am so happy that I no longer have to pile 3 pillows up to get good support while I lay back and enjoy a good book.