Because we moved in late last summer we really didn't put any thought or effort into our yard.

This year it is staring us straight in the face. At one time I am sure our yard was an orderly, tidy, beautiful place. The previous owners hired landscape architects and really did a wonderful job on laying out the plants and shrubs, however these owners only lived here for 2 years and then sold the home to a couple who lived here for close to 30 years and really didn't keep it up. The lucky part is that we still have the original landscape blueprints so even though it may be unsightly now, we can easily prune it back to it's former glory. The other lucky lead we got was from my Aunt Carol who just so happens to be a horticulturist and has offered to lend her green thumb this Summer. We are eager to get started and thankfully the first signs of spring were long in arriving, but starting to show.
The vines are starting to spread on the little hill up to the waterfall:

The pond is in desperate need of cleaning, we want to completely empty it this summer and power wash the rocks. The juniper over hanging the water here also needs a good trim:

Finally the moss is greening up along the path to the pond:
We were surprised to see crocusses poking through the dirt last week!