Frame by Frame

Remember this lovely steal of a deal?

This has become our default accent color for the family room since it is an awesome color, we have a lot of it, and heck, it was cheap! It is definitely a color I would have been a little shy of in the store if I had to choose it myself so perhaps it is best that it worked out this way because we love it.

Art-wise we want this room to be simple and obviously "family oriented" so portraits of the 3 of us were the perfect solution. We picked up some of these awesome, yet affordable frames from Ikea ($16 each!). We didn't want to go with the standard black frame or the predictable white frame so we decided to custom match it to the fireplace mantle with our favorite new color: grey

Before we painted we took out the glass:

To get even coverage and a smooth finish we applied 3 coats of paint.

We also matted the prints with a grey border just to tie in the colors even more and Voila! custom colored frames with prints of each of us. We have a few more to paint before we actually commit to hanging them on the wall in any sort of order but for now we are loving the view.