Ahhh it is 5:30pm, one of my favorite times of day. Wren is asleep in her crib, Sean is at work and I actually have nothing to do! I try and spend at least 2 hours each day doing nothing but reading my latest book, magazine or even catching a nap on my favorite chair in the living room, which at this time of the evening is covered in a flood of warm sunlight. Tonight it is extra special since I can smell the fresh scent of the Spring's first cutting of flowers (pink tulips) and the radio (which is almost always programmed to Wren's favorite these days: French Classics) has played 6 great songs in a row. It is important to set aside that special time each day where you are free to do whatever makes you smile, laugh and sometimes even cry, and if during that time you happen to be reading this blog then thank you for spending it with us!