Bottle Beautiful

How beautiful are these???

Amber over at This Journey To... was so sweet to email me with this awesome project she found on Cheap, easy and stunning, my favorite ingredients in any good craft. Simply follow these steps and you have a great accessory for any windowsill, counter top or book case:

1. Buy dishwasher-safe enamel paint and surface conditioner (like Delta brand; $3.14 each at crafts stores).

2. Prime the glass by pouring a bit of conditioner into clean, dry bottles to coat the inside.

3. Pour out any excess. Once completely dry, coat the inside of the bottles with enamel, then then prop them each upside down in a jar or on a paper towel to catch drips.

4. Check periodically for the first hour, wiping any excess from the lips. Allow to dry completely for about 48 hours.

I am going to collect a few bottles over the next couple of weeks and share the final product.
And a huge thanks to Amber for sharing this awesome project with us~