Stairway to Heaven

There is 1 thing in our house that I am at my wits end with: our staircase. Besides the Kitchen, it is the last area to not have the carpet ripped up and hardwood put down, and to make matters worse, it is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. As the last remaining bit of carpet it has somehow become a large dust trap collecting all shreds of leaves the dogs may have on their paws, any stray feathers that fly around on laundry day out of pillows and duvets, and it bears an unfortunate marking on the bottom 6 stairs where I had a very sorry incident involving an open can of paint.

I am desperate to start something, anything! even, on these stairs. But we have 2 road blocks, the first being that we really don't know where to start (do you remove all the bannisters too? which direction should the wood grain go, do you dry wall the riser or just paint the current wood???), the second being that we are not sure it is even within our capability to do it properly (and safely for that matter...). So now we are contemplating just stripping back the carpet and painting them for the time being.

Below are some of my favorite images of painted stairs, as well as an image from Domino of what I hope our final stair case will look like once we get around to the wood.

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