My favorite part of Spring

I am so in love with Lilacs! The colors, the smell, the beauty. I always look forward to the time of year that their blooms start to pop out on the branches. We have 2 huge lilac trees in the backyard so I have a plentiful supply this year! I have bunches all over the kitchen lately.

Besides trimming the lilacs and other various shrubs over the last few days I also made this chalk board. I bought this big frame for $3 at a garage sale on Saturday thinking it would make a great chalkboard. I have always loved the chalkboards memo stations that are so in style these days! The only problem I have is that I am sure neither of us would take the time to wipe it down or actually put reminders on it so I thought it would be a great way to have some original art around the house that we can change as we like (I am imagining something spooky for Halloween, festive around the holidays, romantic on Valentine's day, etc...). This is much more useful in our lifestyle.

(excuse the marble pencil edging piled up that we have yet to install)

This is the frame as I found it:

I picked up scrap MDF at Home Depot for a couple bucks and used a jig saw to cut to the correct size.
Yet again the paint sprayer comes in handy to get into all those cracks!

One coat of chalkboard paint does the trick!

The final step was to dry brush white paint on to just tone down the turquise slightly and give it some interest.

(the sign says "Our house was built with Love" for any non-french speaking readers)