Yard Sale Success

We definitely had a great morning out at all our sales! We only had time to hit about 10 sales around the West end of the city, but in the older neighborhoods we really found some gems. I am not going to share everything just yet, but these we a couple of my favorite finds. I will remember to bring my blackberry with us next time so I can google artists when I find paintings I like. I saw this painting hanging on a fence (it is oil on canvas) and immediately we both fell in love. Once we got home and googled the artist's name we discovered that he is actually fairly well know and this little $85 painting is probably worth closer to $1000!!! Crazy.
Since the wood frame is original to the painting and even has stamp and name plate of the Boston art gallery it hung in when it was first purchased I just cannot bring myself to paint or distress it in any way. But it is kind of dirty and dingy, which I like~

My smallest, and favorite purchase was this plain looking hinged box. It was sitting on a table with nothing special but I decided I needed to look and see what was housed in there...

To my delight it is a complete set of antique children's stamps. In both upper and lower case as well as all numbers and even fractions LOL! One thing that made it so endearing was the original owner actually burnt her name and the year into the lid (can you see it amongst all those stamps on the lid?). At $15, I HAD to have it!

I also grabbed 3 beautiful antique chairs that I will be sharing once they receive the full blown makeover they deserve!