White Berry Reinvented

I can't share all our exciting news just yet, but the part I am most excited to share is that I am starting a new business! I am refinishing and selling furniture just like the pieces I have shared so far as well as offering refinishing services on pieces people already own. Unfortunately due to shipping it is really only a local business, but never-the-less I am launching a website in the very near future which will showcase all the pieces as my inventory changes.

Last night was a bit of a milestone as I sold my first piece! I placed my ad and within minutes I had a buyer, within a couple hours I numerous emails, and as of today I have responded to countless people who are wondering if it is still for sale. The first buyer actually never showed up, so I offered it to the second email I received, and this is where I discovered how small a world it really is.

The email was from Rebecca, a regular reader and commenter as well as regular over at DecorPad! I was so excited. We dropped off the piece and met for the first time last night and let me tell you, as soon as I walked in I knew I had just made a new friend! Her living room is GORGEOUS and I recognized it immediately from DecorPad, and not only that but she decorates on a budget (I was shocked when she told me her stunning living room chandelier cost only $19!!!). We have exchanged numbers and several emails and plan on doing some thrift shopping together soon. How amazing is that?! and yes, I told her she needs to start a blog of her own~

Thanks for all the encouragement and support you have given me with your comments and emails! Until now I didn't think anyone could possibly be interested in buying repainted furniture so the inspiration really came from all of you. And stay tuned for more on White Berry Reinvented.