Continuing on the topic of Slipcovers...

I have yet to sew up a set of covers for the blue wing back chairs I picked up in April. Fast forward to June when I am leisurely browsing through Style at Home magazine and see an amazing store bought cover. On closer inspection it is only $99 per cover and after flipping to the resources page I am thrilled to discover it is sold at SEARS!!! I am thinking "this is it, how much easier can it be?". Oh how wrong I was...

I have literally stalked the Sears website weekly for months now, made numerous trips to multiple locations and called customer service countless times only to conclude that they pretty much consider hunter green to be the height of slipcover fashion. After another failed attempt at tracking even 1 down yet again this morning I considered my cause to be a lost one. It occured to me tonight that I ought to write both the magazine and Sears a nice little letter about the stress, hassel and frustration I have endured all in the name of these darn slipcovers so I whipped open the laptop and headed over to the Sears page to secure an email to send my scathing review to when on a whim I check the slipcover page and low and behold what do I see?
You guessed it (and they were even a little cheaper, at $89)! I think I ripped my credit card out of my wallet so fast that I may have melted down the numbers. 45 seconds later I was completely checked out and I am now patiently waiting just a little longer to see if these babies look as good in person as they do in a magazine.
Here's to hoping!

edited to address a couple comments:
Ok, I did a little searching and could not find them on the Sears US site either. The magazine that featured them is Canadian and they are only on the Canadian site right now. I am thinking I could not find them before not because they were sold out, but because they are a brand new style.
Here is the link to the Canadian listing, which may give you some info for trying to track one down in the US. If anyone solves this crazy mystery please share!