A new coffee table and teeth

I bought this coffee table along with a matching dining room suite (pics of that to come tomorrow) this past week. They are definitely very "rustic" in feel but I really do like their chunky legs, and the really cool wood work on the top.

To give this one a bit more of a beachy-feel I first primed and painted it white, then applied the grey-ish blue paint and distressed back down to show the white coming through. This is similar in color to a piece Rebecca and I worked on yesterday which I am sure she will be sharing asap on her blog.

Another thing I LOVED was that this table had a drawer! I switched the knob to a hanging pull.

Close up of the distressing:

On a completely different front, Wren has sprouted her second tooth! She is pretty proud to now have a complete set and definitely lets us all know it. Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

And just because:

Have a great Friday!