Today I had an absolute blast out shopping with my new thrifting buddy (and first customer!) Rebecca. We hit the thrift stores, then stopped in at one of my favorite stores for some inspiration and finally HomeGoods. First off we found Rebecca an amazing dresser that she is going to refinish, and after getting inspired at the tres expensive store we got a bunch of identical accessories at HomeGoods.

Since our "taste" isn't all that common in our area we pretty much had the pick of the clearance crop. So much so that we carted around 3 carts FILLED to the brims! Oh yeah, and we had our sanity and ability to hold down a husband questioned on 2 seperate occasions when people saw what was in our carts (not even kidding on that one, but it was a ton of laughs for the two of us since we thought we struck gold!).

Here are a few of my goodies from our adventures:

weathered wood tiered stand, $19

I got 2 of these trellises, amazing at only $11!

These tin finials were originally brown so I "aged" them up a tad with some cream paint, $15 & $18.

Various vintage books I snagged over the last few days (yes, I do read all the books I display!).