Now that I am a mom I am still me

I am very lucky to have a large group of friends all with babies the same age as Wren. In fact most of them were born on the same day, or the days before or after her. This was no coincidence, we actually became friends thanks to our babies. We make a point to all gather on Monday afternoons, some come at 1:30, others stroll in as nap times and lunch times allow, some weeks one or two of us just don't make it, but I cannot tell you how much good this 1 short afternoon does for us!

Most of us discuss milestones, changes and sleeping habits of our babies for about 10 minutes, and then it is on to other topics. Most importantly: Us! We ask one another how we are doing, what is going great and what isn't going so well. During these discussions I often hear "Well, since I am a mom now..." as if this is excuse for us to not matter as much.

I prefer to look at it as I am still Holly I just do things a little differently, and for some reason my brain will not allow me to classify myself as "Mom", only as Me. I make a big effort daily to still do all the things I enjoy, the challenge is just to make sure that Wren enjoys them too.

Coloring my hair? Still do it! Just have to do it at home now.

Reading my favorite books/magazines? All the time! Just have to share the subscription inserts with Wren, since they seem to be the funnest toy ever made.

Eatting at our favorite restaurants? Sometimes (when all the planets are in alignment) we actually eat at the restaurant, if not we are happy to cosy up in front of the fire or TV with take out.

Relaxing hot showers? I have one every morning, usually lasting 20-30 minutes. Thank goodness there is enough room for my favorite little toad to hang out and relax with me in there: