Dennise's Teal Cabinet

I am sooooo very excited to share one of my latest projects! It was the brainchild of my client, Dennise, who is one of the sweetest people I have met. She is very passionate about decorating (like all of us!!) and has an absolutely amazing home. Her kitchen has recently been completely renovated with gorgeous new cabinetry and granite countertops, however one wall remained empty. She envisioned a lovely, large, farmhouse cabinet.... with one quirky twist: it would be teal!

She already had this cabinet
and recently acquired this hutch online for a song. I am sure the previous owner will be letting out a loooong sigh when Dennise shares pictures of her new and improved hutch!

We had not yet centered the hutch in it's new resting place, but other than that this is the final product. The farmhouse-style hardware was definitely a splurge, but Dennise and I both think that it was well worth it and totally brought it all to the next level!

Without flash you get a much better idea of the color. It is a deep, rich teal called subzero from General Paint. It was looking bright at first, but after aging it all over with a brownish-black glaze it really turned out perfectly.

Enjoy it Dennise! It was hard to take this guy back home...