Smitten With A Sofa

On Thursday my Mom and I hit Costco (you may remember how important I am there) to pick up Halloween candy. After picking up treats for all the kids we decided to treat ourselves to a stop at HomeSense. We found this awesome book on clearance for $6 so we each picked one up. If a book was ever worth it's $6 price tag, this one was. It is filled with lovely images and great rooms. The image below is one of my favorites and is actually also on the cover. I have longed for a slipcovered antique sofa for years now and this one had me drooling all over the aisle.

Not being one to sit back and day dream (oh how I wish I could just make myself sit back sometimes...) I immediately set out on a craigslist search for a similar sofa.

Ta da! This is my new find:

We pick her up on Monday night (freaky how similar their floors are though, it almost looks like it is home already~). I am in the midst of emailing my beloved seamstress Kim to get her to give me a quote on a scrumptious crinkled cover like the one pictured and I can already envision this beauty in our master bedroom or perhaps replacing our current sofa in the living room for a fun change.
All I know is that I am already picking out paint for the legs~
*a quick shout out to GillarGirl who has one of my favorite, not to mention one of the most beautiful blogs I read. She was so generous to feature our blog on hers this week and not only are her home and blogs huge inspirations but she has an awesome style. I love the way she colors and enlarges her first few words each post and thought I would give it a try too~