Today just felt like a vacation kind of day. We went to the desert, a tropical island, even back in time! All thanks to the Muttart Conservatory, a local horticulture center where you can enjoy plants from all over the world, with out the jet lag. It has probably been months since we had a day like today, one where neither of us did any work at all!
We had a lovely time at the gardens, enjoyed dinner at our favorite diner, dessert at Carol's Candy Shoppe, and hit babies'r us to get Wren a new car seat. And now we are snuggled up, ready to watch a movie. Definitely what we would consider a relaxing day~

It is hilarious that we were there to see plants, because all Wren was interested in were the rocks! It was crazy how excited she was about all those rocks.

Careful Wren! That plant has "Oweeees!".

Small rocks


We hope your day rocked too!