dining room progress...

I have a few things to shuffle around, depending on where our new (old) loveseat ends up at the end of the week. I think we are getting close to a permanent set up in the living room and dining room that I really love. Boy, did we come a long way from this.

Here is the big burden that had taken over the center of the room until yesterday.

And this was the HUGE armoire we magically moved upstairs. It is an unbelievably heavy piece of furniture, and it kind of took over the room before.

I still love this armoire to death but it really just didn't fit in here.

One new addition to the room is a couple of antique chairs. Last week I acquired a lovely antique pedestal table and 5 mismatched chairs.
2 were this style:

and 3 were a little simpler in this style.
It is very uncharacteristic of me, but I actually love the old patina the chairs have from decades of love in someone's kitchen. Perhaps they will see the sprayer someday, but not right now~
I decided to move my wingbacks into the living room right now, and 2 of the old wood chairs are the perfect compliment to the clean lines of the white dining chairs.

Since the dining set was not really complete, the table is in rough shape, and I have no use (or space) for yet another dining table right now, I am planning on cutting down the base, painting it and turning it in to a fabulous, huge coffee table for the living room.