Thank you all so much for welcoming City.Cottage with your wonderful comments and emails! Only 4 day left until we draw for a winner.

This weekend Wren attended her very first auction. Sean, Wren, my Dad and I all hopped in the car at 10 am to register and view the items on the docket. As soon as I walked in my eyes immediately registered this beautiful antique Chippendale (spelling??) library cabinet. This security camera shot really doesn't do it justice but I am sure you can see why it held my attention and kept me bidding unitil 4:30 in the afternoon to make sure I didn't miss out!

My next find was a lot of 5 chairs, all different and in various states of disrepair. You can see them at the top of this picture, but unfortunately they were not destined to be mine...

But the awful old green Baetz coffee table was! If all goes well in the paint studio I may not have to chop down that kitchen table I was telling you about.

We scored a bunch of goodies, including a new addition to the "Sea wall". And yes, the cabinet came home with us.

I will try and share the other interesting items in the next day or so, depending on how much dry wall we get done today in the laundry room (we have chipped up all the tiles and removed all the closet framing), and how much painting I get through tonight!