Vintage Minimalist

Whew! I am pooped out. We have done a major yard overhaul in the last couple days which I am looking forward to sharing! I am determined to get our pond and waterfall up and running this year after neglecting it to focus on the rest of the house... so we are getting some new shrubs and various other plants to fill the unbelievable amount of over overgrown greenery that was ripped out in the next couple days and then you can see what we've been up to.

In the meantime I want to get all of my inspiration out so that I don't forget what I want to share (and remember)~

I've noticed recently in a lot of magazines and books that the focus is more on pops of color and pattern, as well as warm and homey interiors. They say that in the current economy we want to feel safe and welcomed in our homes, that our homes are our havens. I really like this thinking, but during our trip I discovered that I always have, and always will hold a soft spot in my heart for simple, uncluttered rooms.

It's not something I had thought about consciously before, but I have always had a tendancy to struggle with hanging art and accessorizing our home. Not because I am scared of making decisions, which I know is common, but because a huge part of me says DON'T DO IT! I never really thought about why, but I always thought the "right thing" to do was to place art on the walls and knick knacks on the tables.

But I think it is time to embrace the simplicity of living with less. And in a way I think it is perhaps an even more recession friendly mindset?

The beauty of minimalist decorating with vintage finds is that they take center stage and really feel special. The downside is that you really have to have a few key pieces that can stand alone. So pick and choose wisely!

This room might be on the far side of the spectrum, and a little "sterile" for some, but for those of us with kids you can imagine how much less stress a room like this would be!

This is just beautiful, but maybe a little "stuffy" for our place.


This pretty much sums up my idea of perfection. I am no longer going to worry about filling walls, but instead worry about choosing key pieces that can stand alone.

I think I am starting to rethink these dark floors.... LOL

Isn't is amazing how something so simple as billowing white curtains can create the focal point of a room?
Windows windows and windows. I would love to let the view be my art!

Ahhhh, the simplicity of white just never ceases to amaze me!

The quintessential minimalist white image~

I am looking forward to embracing this less stressful approach to decorating, specifically in our living room/dining room where I have been humming and hawing over adding more art besides our driftwood logs.
And I am really excited to pick up some of my upholstered pieces from the upholsterer this week and see what develops with my new approach!
Toodles mon Ami~