Can you believe it is Wednesday already? Me neither! I looked at the computer today and realized that I hadn't even turned it on in about 2 days. The weather finally smartened up and we have been making the most of it! Getting more work on the yard done, and while I never thought I would consider using an axe in terms of gardening Sean made great use of one while removing some shrubs. And I have been digging up sod, rocks and stepping stones to make way for our new pea-gravel pathways in our new old-english garden. It's good to finally see some progress outside and I am looking forward to sharing!

And speaking of progress, while the outside of the door is still awaiting a final coat of varnish and the installation of a beautiful antique door knocker that Sean's Mom brought us home from Europe I am beyond smitten with the inside!!!

Now that is has been changed, I can't believe how much the clashing wood tones ruined the atmosphere at the entryway.

We are still working on getting the new windows and a new light fixture, but the calm coastal vibe now feels a little more complete without that orange wood staring me down everytime I go past the stairs. And we are totally loving the old brass hardware too (never thought I would utter those words) because it has really aged beautifully and has the perfect patina, specially on the outside.

Another recent development occured last week when my Sister and her Fiance took possession of their new house and our family dropped one digit in size. Our beloved Rosy has been relocated over to Torri's place. We are really sad to see her go (and Mung Kee has been beside himself until just the last few days), but she was just getting too bosy with Wren. She has always loved and adored Wren, but she had a hard time with her too because she has always been the dominant dog and didn't take kindly to sharing toys and the couch. We just thought is was best to seperate her from the situation before she got aggressive. But the good news is that we still see her every few days and she seems to really love her new house and yard, not to mention all the attention she had been craving since Wren came into the picture.

Now hopefully I can go get that front door done today, with a little sunshine and some luck!