Doors and drawers and Wolves...OH MY!

A sweet reader by the name of Brandan recently commented asking if I could share client transformations, especially the colorful ones. Maybe I will round up all the pictures I have of colorful ones (because I always email photos before pickup for client approval)... but I think it would be a full time job to try and include them in blog posts. At the beginning of the week is when I tend to attack my pile of jobs, and by the end of the week my garage looks like this. None of these things are mine, and actually belong to 3 different people from JUST THIS WEEK.
This week there are lots of random doors and shelves that came from an armoire so large that the owner had it disassembled before arriving. So 4 doors, 3 side panels, a top and bottom and 24 shelves later it looks like I run an assembly line of sorts. Also mixed in are coffee tables, 3 dressers, a bed frame, a kitchen table and a glass display cabinet. And as soon as this all clears out it will start to pile back up before the beginning of next week when the cycle starts over again~

It just so happened that this week everyone wanted white!

And I have to tell you that I nearly lost my life just taking these 2 photos. I am still shaking just thinking about it. As I was standing there shooting the last shot I heard a strange sound. I had a bad feeling and so I slowly turned around to see a WOLF standing about 12 feet away. My heart started racing and I didn't know whether to run for my life or play dead!
I decided to bolt for the front door and sure enough he charged after me and I just managed to slam the door within miliseconds of him catching me. Sean couldn't see him at first and was wondering what the heck I did to myself (I was sobbing hysterically at this point). When he opened the garage he saw it and make a noise to scare it, causing it to run away. He insists that it was some sort of husky or something but I am 100000% convinced it was a wolf.
So if you see a news report about an escaped wolf from the zoo or something let me know so I can prove to him that's what it was~