A little business

Have you been looking for help with no luck? I appologize because I have had a couple people leave comments and email my other accounts letting me know that they haven't heard back from me at the inthefunlanequestions@gmail.com account. If this has happened to you, most likely your email was blocked by my spam blocker. I try to respond within a day for those emails so please leave me a comment with your email address if you haven't heard from me. And if anyone knows how to help me lower the spam settings any suggestions would be appreciated!

As far as most of your questions, lately I have been getting a lot of questions about the paints I use again. I do address all commonly asked questions in the FAQ section so definitely check it out, and unfortunately I have no names to share as far as my paint colors because I solely use mistints and custom colors I mix (unless clients request a specific color, which usually doesn't get shared here anyways). So my apologies yet again in that area!

And finally, we are quickly approaching our 500th post! I think that is quite a milestone, but the only reason we are still going is you~

So to thank you and to celebrate we will have some fun giveaways in a few weeks. But more importantly, I want to hear from you guys as to what you want to see more (or less) of. Are you tired of the WhiteBerry transformations every few days? Do you want more shopping tips? I am planning on doing some tutorials on fun projects around the house, and maybe on a few pieces of furniture. But it all depends on what you want!

So if you have a suggestion please email it to inthefunlane@gmail.com! I probably won't be able to respond to most emails, but I will read and take them all into account for how you want to see things unfold and continue here In The Fun Lane.

And thanks again for following our adventures!