Shey B Winner!

Hello friends! Thank you for all the sweet words about the living room transformation!!! I am more thankful than ever that it is all done because to say the last few days have been hectic would be quite an understatement. We moved on the two wettest, coolest days of the summer and it was not pretty. But we are now all moved over and a miraculous thing has happened: I can park in my garage!

Yes, life is good~

And life is also good for Kelley!

If you can shoot me off an email as soon as you see this we will get your camera strap off to you!

But being the lovely lady she is, Shey also wanted to thank all of you for the sweet comments and is offering us all 10% off our next purchase (or purchases in my case LOL).

Thanks so much for entering, and for being patient with me over the last few days while we get back into the normal swing of things!