Fresh Coat Friday!

Happy Friday, Friend! I promise I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I've just been juggling life, a little person, lots of paint, cleaning, and cooking... not necessarily all that well either I might add! We have decided that we are going to try outsourcing the cooking for next month (which you could argue we do half the time right now with take-out) and try a meal service that allows us to go online and select a menu for 2 weeks then they chop, dice, measure, prepare, package and label our dinners for us! They offer delivery as well, but I'm not quite that lazy...
So we will see how that works out, but at the very least I would rather eat a bland dinner and have time for blogging. Specially because I have a million and one things to show and share with you.
But I will just start with 1, and that is Debbie's laundry room makeover. Just off the heels of our own laundry room reno, I thought it was fitting.
Here is what Debbie was working with:
And here is what she did with it! She re-used her upper cabinets, just updating them with new hardware, paint and crown molding. And her new bottom cabinets and counter top look great with the pop of black!
Her old ironing board cupboard became a beautiful organization station.

I always love staggered tiles (and cute dogs!!). You can really see how narrow Debbie's space is here, yet she did so much with it.

I really wish we had the capacity for a sink as well, they really do get a lot of use in laundry rooms. LOVE yours Debbie!
A HUGE thanks to Debbie for showing us her beautiful laundry room. It really is soooo much more work than pictures can show, so we appreciate you sharing your blood, sweat and tears.
And if you want to be featured in an upcoming Fresh Coat Friday: FEATURE, drop me a note at
And as always, I am dying to see what you have been up to this week!