I just realized that we didn't put a closing date on our little giveaway! So why don't we say it will stay open until Friday evening at 8pm pacific time. I will edit the giveaway post to remind everyone there as well. And thanks so much for all your entries, I can't wait to see where this bundle is headed!

With the floors being a mess and the wall partially torn out in my favorite spot for WhiteBerry photos, not to mention that we had been focused on simply stopping the leakage, our WhiteBerry photoshoots had taken a temporary hiatus. So today we are in full-on photography mode! It is probably my favorite part of playing with furniture (although the actual painting is pretty fun too), but my brain just lights up when I am arranging accessories and playing with angles and lighting. Even if it is the most simplistic, minimalist shot. As we all know, neither of us come close to being knowledgable or consider ourselves "great" at photography but it is fun to challenge yourself to be as good as you can be. Maybe that's why it is such a joy for me in particular.

So brace yourselves for an onslaught of WhiteBerry photos in the days to come and pardon their absence until now!

One thing I am excited to share is a big blue china cabinet. I looked around for inspiration online but I am guessing that blue china cabinets must be a rare occurance because my search was pretty dry.

If you happen to have one please please pretty please (with a cherry on top) share the link with us!!!