Favorite Purchase in a loooong time

If you dropped by today for some good old fashioned decorating, I am sorry to disappoint (again)! But I just had to share a recent purchase that I am in luuuurve with.

I really am not all the adventurous with makeup, and rarely try new products so it was a bit of an adventure to put this in my shopping cart while grocery shopping last week.

{yes, I totally understand that level of excitement in putting a new lipstick in my cart is rediculous. I am weird like that}

The first thing you should know is that I'm not a big fan of lip-gloss! The gooey feel and the fact that I am constantly kissing on Wren doesn't make it all that practical. But I often feel like my lips have little color and look BOR-ING. In fact, it is quite odd, but my lips seems to even have a purple-ish hue to them which is not all that flattering. So when I saw this stain I decided to give it a shot. I am so happy I did, because it is seriously my favorite item in my make up drawer now!! It give you color without the gloss, seems to stay put nicely for me (some reviewers found it wore off quickly considering it is a stain) and is absolutely zero maintenance for most of the day. Good for moms like me who cannot keep lipstick or gloss in their purses, knowing little fingers will use it as crayons!

I will definitely try another shade or two, and maybe even an eye shadow!

*the crowd ooh's and ahh's*