March Candle of the Month


It is hard to believe that half of March has already flown by. This post was one I had set aside for the first week of the month, but low and behold by the time I get to it the calender has lost a few pages!

I always like to choose candles that can be found easily by readers either online or in-store, because let's face it what's the point of reviewing a candle nobody can buy? I actually purchased this candle in January and just assumed that it is a well known brand and should be easily found online.... wrong. I have been searching for a few days now and have not had any luck finding it anywhere besides on other blogs who seem to be finding them at Marshall's so perhaps check there if you are interested (I found mine at HomeSense for $11, but prices seem to vary and some bloggers have recently scored them for only $5).

I wasn't so fond of the color, initially. But the smell is wonderful and that overrides color for me. Photobucket

It is a very floral scent (as I am sure you can guess based on the packaging and jar), with primarily rose and peony notes and it has approximatly 35 hours burn time. I like that it isn't an over powering candle and just softly diffuses in the room. Photobucket

I reminds me that Spring is still coming, even if it is still white outside. I have also recently taken up a minor obsession with these moss balls that I've had for a few years now, mostly packed away in the closet. But it is a little touch of spring and it keeps my eyes on the prize, winter cannot last forever! (if you are located in Canada, they came from Chintz & co. but I am sure similar ones can be found at Michael's). Photobucket

A little bit of color and the smell of fresh roses in the air should keep me from getting too depressed that Winter has overstayed his welcome. Photobucket

And I will be back to announce our lucky Shabby Apple winner in just a bit!