Second Chances

Remember when I found this chair for $12 last winter? Yeah, me neither. And apparently my upholsterer couldn't either. I dropped it off last April to be refinish, along with 1 other chair. Life took over, I sent him a ton of client jobs and low and behold fall rolled around before we discussed the chairs again (I wasn't in a rush, anyways...). Then my appendix blew, we went on holidays and when I went to go pick up the chairs in January I had a suspicious feeling it wasn't the same chair I dropped off over 8 months ago.
When I got home I went back to check out our old blog post and sure enough, one of the chairs I brought home was not the chair I delivered. Thankfully the chair we brought home wasn't anyone else's chair, just one that the upholsterer had amassed over time so he urged us to keep it (and it now resides in my 'boudoir'), and after digging around he found our other chair.
And now it is safe and sound back here at home, with a special spot in the family room! What an adventure it has had over the last year LOL. I had him get rid of the tufting for a modern look, and now it just needs a slipcover to top it off.

As you can see by our new chair, I am all about second chances. So if you want a second, and a third chance to bring home a silhoutte be sure to check out these fellow bloggers and enter again!
Adios amigos~