WhiteBerry, party of 1

Today is a sad happy day for me. When we came back from holidays on January 6, Sean decided to hire a full time manager for his restaurant and no longer needed to be there everyday. While he had always been a HUGE part of WhiteBerry (hello, could you picture me lifting half this stuff? Heck no!) it was a really fun and exciting time because we were working together everyday. He did all the prep work and some painting, leaving the final touches and photography to me, a system that worked perfectly for the last 2 months. In fact, we have painted more furniture in the last 2 months than I had in a full 6 months last year thanks to the fact that we could take on twice as much client work.

Then last month he got a call from a big international corporation. Over the course of the last month he has had numerous meetings and interviews with them and we decided that it was an opportunity he just couldn't turn down. So today I officially lose my first and only assistant (partner is probably the better term) as he is back to work.

Happy for him and us, but sad for WhiteBerry. I am just about to head out to work and it is a little sad to know I will be all alone. Not because I need the help, but because he was the one helping. Of course he is still here on the evenings and weekends, but it is the end of a little era for WhiteBerry.

Thanks for all your help Sean, it has been an awesome adventure but I know we are just starting another one.