{party time} ... almost!

Gee. where do I start? I've been painting up a storm, finalizing the holiday shopping, FINALLY getting the kitchen done (long story involving FedEx!), and getting into party mode. It seems we have had non stop parties to attend and countless engagements lately which have our heads spinning, but thankfully there has been plenty of Christmas magic floating around here thanks to Wren and her fascination with everything Holiday and Birthday related!

I even convinced Sean and Wren to join me outside last week for an impromptu photo shoot during a morning snow fall. It is so important to me to get these memories saved and on film this year because it feels like it is her last Christmas as a baby (don't tell her I said that!), and yet it is also her first Christmas as a little girl.

I have completed COUNTLESS birthday projects in the last couple weeks but my last is definitely my favorite (mainly because it is soooo fast): S'more pops. I just dipped marshmallows in chocolate and grahm cracker crumbs and topped with a little flag.

Other projects include tons of bunting banners in the party colors of yellow and pink, setting up a popcorn station and doing custom grab bag and cotton candy bags for the kids. If you can't eat a ton of junk on your birthday when can you right? I was also excited to find a cool "table cloth" at anthro. You have already heard me rave about the disposable placemats by Cake but I am even more in love with their 50ft roll of "table cloth". It will be fun to let the kids draw and decorate it, and the sale price of only $14 was just icing on the birthday cake.

Because I am not all the savvy at paper stuff I turned to fabulous etsy seller: Pacokeco. She did some wonderful custom items for me and her prices are so reasonable, plus I love to support fellow Canadian ladies!

Just a couple more days until the big party... then a few more days until my birthday party ...then just a few more days until Christmas, and so on. You can see why this time of year is insane for us!