And we're BACKkkkkk.

Sean got our router back up and working! Let's slow golf clap for him everyone.
While my laptop might have been well rested over the past week my camera has been getting quite a work out. And my video camera, it has been causing me all kinds of problems but I promise I have a video ready and waiting to share as soon as Youtube and me can get along...

I sold our dining room table a few weeks back (Hope you're loving it Alex!) and have been WAYYY too busy to paint lately, mainly since I've been shopping till I drop at Lexington, and then painting there till I drop. But Wren is definitely her mother's daughter because not only has she been redecorating for me, but she has set up her own little homestead that she has been decking out quite nicely. Fun times are had by all and I am really questioning if we even need a dining table going forward?? 

When she puts her baby to bed (aka throws her on a chair, you can tell we haven't put a lot of emphasis on how delicate babies are around here) she gives many an impromptu dance recital. Mung kee is not easily impressed and can rarely be woken up to view such trivial events. I think she'll enjoy dance class in the near future but based on her moves maybe we'll try the interpretive dance class versus jazz or tap. 

On a different topic, I've been trying to break out of my winter wardrobe routine. I'll admit that Spring has been wet and hardly cooperative with allowing spring dresses yet. But I will be ready when the day comes! 

A good outfit for errands since comfy footwear is a must when you are usually toting a 40 pound bundle/baby half the time.
J. Crew sweater, RT dress, Icing by Claire's boots.

Theory tank, Ya-Ya sweater, Joe's jeans, Stella and Dot CoCo necklace.

When I bought these boots last Summer I wasn't sure if I'd get much wear out of them, but they are may favorite shoe purchase in the last few years! Well worth it, even if they aren't everyday type of boots.
Anthropologie hat, Theory top and leggings, RT poncho, Joe's Jeans boots.

I had about 3 other outfits to add to this post, but as soon as I uploaded them I realized they were completely out of focus. And I'd rather not end a post leaving you feeling like making an appointment with your eye doctor. Tomorrow (monday), I'm off to Ikea AGAIN to pick up another out of stock cabinet. I never thought I'd see the day I dreaded going there but it has arrive people!

au revior!