Sunny Days, come back... PLEASE?

Wren has been LOVING the warm weather that signals the coming Summer. She is at the age where cool sprinkler water is interesting and even enjoyable.


And it sure makes clean up easy for Mom after a mid afternoon hot dog cook out. 


But of course, just as soon as we share something exciting and new with her Mother Nature has to throw a wrench in everything and give us days upon days of rain.

 I can't be too mad because in the last couple days everything has finally come into bloom and greened up nicely. We have a lot to accomplish in our yard this year, but I am aiming to keep it natural and not overly manicured looking. Two reasons being that I don't have the time or energy needed to maintain that sort of thing, and it just doesn't feel organic to me (doesn't that sound like such a snobby thing to say? Sorry).
I kind of like seeing what Mother Nature has in store for us, maybe just guiding it slightly instead of forcing it all. 

But for now she has forced us indoors. Which gives rise to the occasional "WHY is it still raining, Mom?", but for the most part we have taken the opportunity to get cozy, bake some goodies together and spend a good deal of time cuddling up with our favorite books and movies.

There's a definitely a big silver lining to this rain cloud!